How Can Ticks Harm Your Property?

Ticks are nasty external parasites that attach to your skin and lives by sucking blood. These are infamous creatures that nobody would want to come across. However, you never know when you might face a tick infestation in your home. At times like that, it’s best to call on the services of professional tick control pflugerville exterminators. But, as long as you’re not facing an infestation, there are ways to deal with ticks.

What to Do About the Ticks on Your Yard?

The favorite residing places of ticks include tall, grassy, and bushy areas. They prefer warm and moist areas and it’s a bonus if the place has shade.

The first thing to do is make your yard inhospitable for ticks. You need to get rid of all the overgrown vegetation in your yard. Eliminate vines and bushes where ticks might hide.

Maximize the entry of sunlight in your garden because ticks hate the sunrays. The garden should be dry mostly with little to no swampy areas.

Also, mow your lawn regularly, this way ticks will be deprived of tall grass to live on. This also evaporates the morning dew quickly. Mowing is a good practice to adopt.

Check if there are any tall grasses around your house and clear them. You can also use a pesticide on your lawn to reduce the tick population by half.

Constructing a fence would be a good idea as well. This is because a fence will keep stray animals or pets of your neighbor at bay. We know that ticks often latch on to mammals and find their way to our homes through them.

Summing Up

Ticks are a threat to every residence in warm and humid places. This problem needs to be taken seriously because ticks can cause several diseases.

Besides, a blood-sucking parasite can ruin your peace. Overall, such pests will make your life miserable. So, proper measures should be taken to get rid of ticks to protect your family and your pets.